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What's a Vibrant Phoenix?

What's Up at TUI?

Themes parties that rock!

“An Evening at Tiffany’s.”

                Theatrics Unlimited costumed & provided entertainment for a very unique rehearsal party for a happy bridal couple with the theme of “An Evening at Tiffany’s.” Everyone dressed from the glamour era of the 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s. Bride aka Audrey Hepburn &  groom aka Marlon Brando greeted BB King, Elliott Ness, Amelia Ehrhart, Ginger Rogers, Phyllis Diller, & Miss Scarlett to name a few of the celebrities.

                Tables were decorated with the shimmers of crystal & silver. Oscars were awarded. Entertainers included a vamp singer, Hedda Hopper, Marva Moove, and a host of other special appearances. It was a night of celebration and a unique experience for each guest.

                Theatrics provided costumes, decorations, centerpieces, entertainment, Oscar awards script.